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Stop ZIX Spreading

The ZIX archive format is a bogus format designed to perpetuate a scam (to install their garbage adware software). If you have a ZIX archive, whatever you do, do not install the WinZix software as it is full of spyware. Unpack the archive using the utilities here (or UnZixWin), and then delete the ZIX archive. If you need archiving utilities, use a real format like ZIP or RAR.

Keep in mind that the ZIX-1.0 archive format did not actually compress your files. It just wrapped them to force you to install the WinZix crap.

Also keep in mind that often times, the "files" you downloaded in a ZIX archive are not real. The WinZix guys are crap flooding sites with bogus files that are named as things you may want, but the content is actually random garbage data. If the utilties here unpack the archives and the resulting files are crap, then it's most likely they were crap to begin with.

The funzix code is released into the public domain. We want to make these guys go away forever.


You can download the current release. This should support both ZIX-1.0 and ZIX-2.0 files.


The funzix utility is pretty straightforward. Give it the archive to unpack and it does the rest. Options are designed to be similar to the tar utility so as to be familiar and easy to use.

$ funzix --help
        F the ZIX format

Usage: funzix [options] <archives to unpack>

Options: -[C:vVh]
  -C, --directory  Change to specified directory
  -v, --verbose    Verbose mode
  -V, --version    Output program version
  -h, --help       Show help output

Please stop using the ZIX format.  It exists to perpetuate scumware.
Use a real archive format like ZIP or RAR.
$ funzix -v some-archive.zix
$ _

Kenneth Sörling has done a great job of documenting the ZIX format.


Please use the tracker for bugs/requests/whatever:

Mike Frysinger


If you require additional functionality, feel free to make requests on the public tracker.